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Community Action Life (CAL)

Community Action Life




Help for the hurting
Consequences of Socio
environmental on their health (shelter or housing access community relations,
advocacy, environmental threats)
Disability assessment, vulnerability assessment, morbidity rates, mortality rates
Acute disease prognosis, medicine and treatment
Chronic Disease prognosis, medicine and treatment
Unified treatment of routinely associated yet heterogeneous co
morbidities (substance use
disorder/addiction, mental health and traumatic brain injury)
Extensive General Practitioner care that nurture sustainability and endurance.
Also accommodating of
treatment beyond the scope of homelessness (housing, shelter, hospitals, streets, respite)
Environmental Consequences
Depending on vulnerability relating to age, gender, mobility and health
this varies extensively.
Children are more susceptible to domestic
violence, more so than the elderly or w omen.
LGBT community are
more likely to be raped.
Heroin addicts are at risk for suicide and overdose.
The risk increases for suicide for those with mental disorders such as
The risk to be assaulted with a deadly weapon or to be murdered also
exists in populations w here homelessness exists.
There are wider risks of communicable diseases and that increases as
things develop seasonally in regions w here ever they are dwelling.
Many in the Northern states have been found frozen to death during

No Safe Place To Lay Your Head

Homelessness by Age 

2014 Stats of Non Lethal Attacks on

Homeless Persons

 540 Thousand Vets Diagnosed with PTSD


Substance Use, Trauma,
Homelessness & PTSD
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been closely associated with both
Homelessness and Substance Use Disorder.
Homelessness has been said to cause PTSD
Substance use has been known to cause trauma.
70% of
adults in the United States
have experienced at least one
traumatic event in their lives. 10% Develop PTSD.
PTSD is far more common than physical Wounds
35% PTSD Victims abuse prescription drugs compared to 12%
general population
1 in 3 rape victims develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
National and State Treatment Need and Capacity for
Opioid Agonist Medication - Assisted Treatment
  Trauma Informed Services
A Research Perspective...
Addressing Trauma...
Rebuilding Shattered Lives
Treatment for PTSD & SUD...
Wounded Warriors... 
National and State Treatment Need and Capacity for Opioid
Agonist Medication
Assisted Treatment
National Institute On Drug
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Seeking Safety Solutions by Kimmy Gerred
(for Clinicians and
Seeking Safety Solutions Support Page on Facebook by Kimmy
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