Monday, July 18, 2016

Financial Counselor

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Facebook Memory from June 14th, 2011

In Jan. of 2008, God finally got me off the homeless list for the first time since I lost my home in Tarpon Springs, Fl where I lived from 1998 until Sept. 2005 just 2 weeks after Katrina hit the gulf coast.
While still in Missouri, around April of 2009 my first book was published "God Keeps His Promises". In October 2009, I opened my first official small business in internet marketing.
There in rural Missouri, during that same autumn of 2009, right after I opened my first official small business, I also became certified from the American Association Of Christian Counseling thanks to some great help from my family.
Later, I continued paying for my own courses, classes and webinars to become more educated and trained in the same Behavioral Science field.
In 2010 I moved to Palm Springs where I begin writing and publishing many more books.
The first two "Kitchen Cures and Ways of Wellness" and "Flat Belly Recipes" were published in 2011. Since then I have written and published over 20 books. And published two very large novels for significant local authors.
One of the authors is a World War II Bletchley Park Decoder, the other is former U.S. military and a Physics Professor from UCLA and College of the Desert. He was educated in Austria, Germany and here in the U.S.
A lot can happen when we place Jesus at the helm of our lives. Don't ever look down on homeless people. You don't know their story (Especially those of our American Veterans <3 <3 <3 :-( ) ! I'm not a veteran but I have a Veteran friend who is homeless and I know his story.  I love him!  You never can tell who that person is just like you cannot judge a book by it's cover.
It is the same way with drug addicts... You don't know their story so don't stigmatize them. Addiction is NOT a choice lifestyle. It is a disease just like cancer, heart disease or diabetes.
The ONLY addiction I had between Sept. 2005 and Jan 2008 was that of tobacco. There was zero alcohol or drug use. PTSD is highly associated with homelessness.
Be kind to those who are suffering. Everyone born into this world will suffer at some point. Try to ease their pain and make life easier for them if you can.
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Dr. Frederick L. Altice MD. MA

I have just come from an addictions studies conference by the dept. Of Psychology,  CCarta and the 45th summer clinical institute at UCSD in La Jolla.  Lots of information and discussions on the serious need for post incarceration housing and opioid treatment or  medication assisted treatment (MAT). It was also discussed how injected needle users are at much higher risk for getting and spreading TB while incarcerated.  As well as hep C, and HIV/Aids.  And how those risks were significantly reduced when there were methadone treatments available, post incarceration housing and MAT or Medication assisted treatments available upon post incarceration. We also learned how the risks for contracting HIV/Aids increases dramatically for one year post incarceration.  Ref. Strategies to prevent HIV in communities and correctional settings by Dr Frederick L. Altice professor of of Medicine epidemiology and public health director and community research Yale university school of medicine and school of public health section of infectious diseases, Aids program and division of epidemiology and microbial diseases,  also ref. 45th Summer clinical institute in addiction studies June 8-9,2016 UCSD.  Thank you!  Kimmy Gerred  www.addictionrecoverybook.blogspot.comcom

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